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AIDA stands for Artificial Intelligence Discharge Agent – a HIPAA compliant platform helping patients, hospitals, health systems, and ACOs connect with ALL Post-Acute Care Providers. 

The purpose of AIDA Healthcare is to simplify the complexity of the patient transition process so that case managers, patients, acute and post-acute providers can achieve clarity about each episode of care over time. This clarity drives better decisions that ultimately lead to better outcomes for the patient. This is the backbone of value-based care. 

When information and communication are clear, better choices are made which increases efficiency, reduces length of stay, and reduces readmissions.

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We want to give our partners every confidence that AIDA keeps their data secure at all times. That’s why AIDA is actively pursuing HI-TECH certification.

AIDA has had its policies and practices reviewed by many hospital IT security experts where it has always met or exceeded expectations.

A principle of data security that AIDA employs is being a cloud-only company. That means that our data and yours is only ever stored in databases that are protected by the same secure infrastructure used by most major Healthcare IT businesses today.

Data is encrypted end-to-end and AIDA logs every time a user or employee accesses protected health information.

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You can use AIDA’s platform through a web browser without any integration, but we also support interoperability that is simple, robust, and secure. AIDA has built an API-lead integration infrastructure that makes it possible to create secure connections quickly and at scale.

Our APIs are flexible enough to meet your needs using modern FHIR protocols and OAth 2 authentication. We also understand that many hospitals are still warming up to these innovations. We have anticipated this need with several legacy integration capabilities.

The AIDA team is ready to tackle any and all integration challenges you have for us.

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The healthcare industry is facing challenges from all sides, particularly regulatory expectations that have upended the status quo. The rules of the game are changing quickly, and the only thing that may be moving faster is the growing number of sick people who are in need of long-term support and care.

AIDA’s mission is to help hospitals rise to the challenge imposed by these demands in ways that are consistent with Value-Based Care.

When you partner with AIDA, we make it our primary goal to show you how your utilization of our service is delivering value to your business or organization.

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AIDA is always looking to grow our network and expand the usefulness of our platform. With those goals in mind, we have created partnerships with many industry players including hospital systems, post-acute care organizations, residential care organizations, advocacy groups, investment groups, payers, and local government agencies.

If you feel that the goals of your group or organization align with those of AIDA, please feel free to reach out and explore how we can work together to improve patient outcomes.

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