AIDA is Ready to Help with your COVID-19 Response

AIDA is Ready to Help with your COVID-19 Response

(KIRKLAND) March 23, 2020 – In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, AIDA Healthcare, creators of Artificial Intelligence Discharge Agent (AIDA), a patent-pending, HIPAA-compliant software platform focused on helping patients, hospitals, health systems, and ACOs connect with all post-acute care providers and improve the patient transition process, announced that it will offer Patient Choice at no cost to hospitals currently being impacted by COVID-19.

Patient Choice is part of the AIDA platform, which simplifies the complexity of the patient transition process for all providers in the care continuum, helping to achieve clarity about each episode of care. AIDA creates clarity by offering a deeper level of information about downstream providers and a technology-driven approach to communicating with them, which increases efficiency, reduces length of stay, and reduces hospital readmissions.

“With the spread of COVID-19, concerns are mounting about hospital bed capacity. Hospitals are focused on preparing for high-utilization and will need to improve efficiency around the patient discharge and transition process. Accurate and live data sharing across multiple providers throughout the care continuum is crucial to meeting this need”, says Julian Paraschiv, CEO, AIDA Healthcare. “Hospitals are anticipating large caseloads of COVID-19 patients and case management efficiency is more important than ever. According to recent reports, nearly two-thirds of the nation’s estimated hospital beds are already occupied. We know that hospitals are facing a huge challenge and AIDA is committed to assist them during this time.”


• With 1-click filters, determine which post-acute providers are willing to provide care for recovering and sub acute COVID-19 diagnosed patients.

• Match patients’ commercial insurance with contracted post-acute providers anywhere in the country.

• Access to AIDA’s database of more than 2,500 active SNF, HHA, IPR, LTCH, Hospice, DME, and other care providers, including CMS star ratings.

• Share provider profiles with patients and family members by email, text, or as printed handouts.

• Easily document activity in Patient Choice inside existing EHR/EMR.

• Access real-time analytics dashboards that monitor usage and compliance.

• Quick implementation as a web-based solution that does not require installation by an IT team and does not require case managers to input PHI or PII.

Additionally, AIDA is offering AIDA Provider Admission Module for FREE indefinitely to all post-acute care (PAC) providers nationwide. The module allows PACs to receive referrals from acute care hospitals.

Published on March 23, 2020