The purpose of AIDA is to simplify the complexity of patient placement so that case managers and patients can achieve clarity about what to do next.

This clarity drives better decisions that ultimately lead to better outcomes for the patient. This is the backbone of value-based care.

AIDA creates clarity by offering a deeper level of information about downstream providers and a technology-driven approach to communicating with them.

When information and communication are clear, better choices are made which increases efficiency, reduces length of stay, and reduces readmissions.

Key Features

  • The AIDA Healthcare app is live today in the Epic App Orchard. This app enables three key features: SSO, Embedded UI, and file-less record access
  • SSO: Single Sign-On technology allows you to grant and revoke a user’s access to AIDA seamlessly and eliminates the need for a unique password for AIDA
  • Embedded User Interface: Access all AIDA’s tools and reports right from within Epic without using other browsers or systems
  • File-less Record Access: Using APIs, the app can collect all records needed for a standard referral and discharge packet that is unique to your system, eliminating the need for printing/faxing records

• Ensuring that patients can choose their next care provider is not just a principle of patient-center care, it’s also a Federal requirement

• Our service ensures that you are compliant and offering your patients a flexible and user-friendly patient choice solution

• We make it easy to share critical information without the added infection prevention protocols associated with shared electronic devices

Key Features

  • Search applicable options by key preferences like, geographic preference, room type, supported languages, and insurance carriers
  • Get the most accurate insurance carrier network information available
  • Deliver beautiful provider summaries to patients, their POAs, and supporters electronically, by print, by email, or by text

Key Features

  • Automatically contact all downstream providers with a placement referral, even if they aren’t part of AIDA’s network yet
  • Share files and other integrated data in a secure, HIPAA-compliant environment
  • Get simple, actionable responses from downstream providers quickly, on your dashboard
  • Message directly with downstream providers in a familiar, conversational interface
  • Benefit from AIDA’s multi-channel contacting process that ensures downstream providers can’t miss your communication
  • Multiple team members can collaborate on an existing patient so that there are no delays due to work schedule conflicts
  • Team members can write notes per patient so their team members can know the status and history of a patient

Great communication is key to all aspects of patient placement. But it can be difficult to achieve at scale when caseloads are high and each patient has complex needs and expectations.

AIDA makes it possible to start the conversation with the right people the first time and with a quick, actionable response.

And all those benefits would be worthless if it wasn’t secure. That’s why AIDA has deployed cutting edge security features that authenticate users and controls access in a user-friendly way.

Key Features

  • Get insights into where patients are being placed and identify patterns where the process is getting delayed
  • Review how individual case managers are utilizing the software, how a hospital team is performing, and even a whole hospital system
  • Determine which downstream providers are most responsive, to decrease length of stay in the hospital
  • Identify downstream providers that are particularly capable to accept patients with specific challenges and use that data to build and manage your preferred networks
  • Track a patient’s care journey after discharge to help provide resources that could prevent a readmission

Data drives healthcare and getting to the right insight quickly requires analytics that understand how you use data to make decisions.

Analytics is a core component of AIDA’s platform. It provides automated analysis of your current and former patients in real-time—showing you what you need to do to move your team or your business forward.

Our dashboards provide you with a user-friendly and customizable experience so that you can achieve your goals.