(KIRKLAND) February 7, 2020 – AIDA Healthcare, creators of Artificial Intelligence Discharge Agent (AIDA), a patent-pending, HIPAA-compliant software platform focused on helping patients, hospitals, health systems, and ACOs connect with all post-acute care providers and improve the patient transition process, announced the recent release of the AIDA Healthcare application in the Epic App Orchard.

The AIDA Healthcare app enables Epic customers to use SSO for user authentication and access the AIDA platform as an embedded interface within Epic. AIDA’s app is one of the first to enable a file-less referral management workflow through Epic using APIs. This means that users do not have to upload or print patient records into the platform, saving time, increasing standardization, and reducing errors.

Enabling AIDA Healthcare to be embedded inside of Epic offers customers a more secure and efficient experience. Customers will appreciate being able to access all of AIDA Healthcare’s tools and analytics without having to worry about multiple web browsers so that everything about a patient can be accessed from one place.

The AIDA Healthcare app enables a 100% API-driven patient records management interface so that referral management can be further optimized, and AIDA Healthcare can be used to monitor compliance with more complex value-based care policies through smart tools and enhanced analytics dashboards.

Some of AIDA’s many benefits and features:

Patient Choice – Easily comply with the CMS IMPACT Act and boost efficiency. Quickly locate and share provider profiles including CMS star ratings with patients and families with a 1-click documentation process. Provider data is updated daily and AIDA PayerMatch enables you to instantly know if a provider is contracted with the patient’s specific insurance plan, including Medicare Advantage Plans.

Narrow Network Management – Gain insight and manage your network like never before. Rapidly deploy features in AIDA that help you comply with and monitor your Narrow Network policies and make it easier for discharge planners to know what to do. Build your Narrow Network in AIDA on the fly and apply policies that trigger user-level notifications and alerts. Integrate this data into your dashboards and compliance strategies.

ProviderMatch – Quickly isolate Care Providers that meet your patient’s needs. Use AIDA’s vast database to find Care Providers with the right contracts and capabilities to meet the needs of your patients. Find placement for complex cases (i.e. behavior support, registered sex offenders, custodial/Medicaid-only, and clinically advanced care needs).

Efficient Workflows – Work smarter with collaborative tools and automated systems. Let AIDA collect needed patient records and contact Care Provider you identify, and then easily communicate with them via secure, online messaging. Collaborate with your team using robust communication tools and shared dashboards.

Real-Time Analytics Dashboards – Get access to live reports, customized to your needs. Monitor post-acute network flow, leakage, and contract compliance. Manage user activity and policy compliance. Identify bottlenecks and gain insights more rapidly with dashboards that are built to your specifications.

PayerMatch – Live payer contract data from the payer itself. AIDA has integrated with every major commercial payer in the United States for the purpose of knowing which Care Providers have network-level agreements. This includes all Medicare Advantage Plans and Medical Plans. Get quick access to this critical data integrated seamlessly into your workflows.

Care Provider Strategy – Refer to any provider type and expect a rapid, detailed response. AIDA’s platform provides access to all licensed post-acute providers including community-based, state-licensed and Medicaid-contracted providers. Basic access to referrals is always free for these providers. This includes all necessary data and features to respond to a referral. You can customize and standardize how providers can respond to your referrals.

AIDA Pro – Get access to data from the whole episode of care. This is an optional service that enables post-acute providers the same discharge managements tools provided to acute hospitals. When post-acute providers use AIDA, it enables advanced reporting on post-acute activity and compliance to the hospitals who manage those patients and bundles.

"During my tenure as a provider, I have witnessed first-hand how patients are waiting in hospitals for days and months at a time. The disconnect between multiple providers types and data exchange process was obvious,” says Julian Paraschiv, CEO, AIDA Healthcare.

“The best reward came shortly after we launched AIDA in 2018 and were able to help a patient leave the hospital, after waiting to find a provider for more than three years. This patient has given up on the idea of ever living in a home-like environment. With AIDA’s automation process and matching algorithms, we were able to find a provider in 30 minutes. Helping this patient move out of the hospital and enjoy better quality of life is why AIDA exists.

This wouldn’t be possible without the early support from local hospitals, community providers, and the very talented staff behind the AIDA platform.”

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