(KIRKLAND) December 3, 2019 – AIDA Healthcare, creators of Artificial Intelligence Discharge Agent (AIDA), a patent-pending, HIPAA compliant software platform focused on helping hospitals, SNFs, HHAs, AFHs and other providers improve the patient transition process, was awarded first place at the Seattle Entrepreneurship Club’s Seattle Innovation Startup Competition (SISC) held on November 17, 2019. AIDA was among 72 startup companies vying for the $5,000 award.

The theme of this year’s SISC competition was "Better life, Better World." The four main factors considered by the judges were substantial market prospects, core technologies, capable teams, and competitive products. These were also the selection criteria for the judges of this competition. After voting, the judges finally agreed to select AIDA as the first-place winner. AIDA topped the list with factors such as huge market prospects, core technology, and social influence.

“During my tenure as a provider, I have witnessed first-hand how patients are waiting in hospitals for days and months at a time. The disconnect between multiple providers types and data exchange process was obvious. Simply put, before AIDA, it was impossible to know which providers have available beds and what kind of patients each provider can accept”, says Julian Paraschiv, CEO.

"We are lucky to live in the Pacific Northwest with plenty of talented tech experts. So, I reached out to one of my close friends Michael Nikitin. I knew that Michael had the necessary healthcare and startup experience to help me validate the need for AIDA and co-found the company.

The best reward came shortly after we launched AIDA in 2018 and were able to help a patient leave the hospital, after waiting to find a provider for more than three years. This patient has given up on the idea of ever living in a home-like environment. With AIDA’s automation process and matching algorithms, we were able to find a provider in 30 minutes. Helping this patient move out of the hospital and enjoy better quality of life is why AIDA exists.

This wouldn’t be possible without the early support from local hospitals, community providers, and the very talented staff behind the AIDA platform. On behalf of our team, we are honored to have been chosen to receive the SISC award from the Seattle Entrepreneurship Club.”