Key Benefits

  • Find tailored placement options for all patients including difficult cases
  • Secure communication and data sharing with all downstream providers
  • Deep analytics that help drive value-based care
  • Improved workflow efficiency for case managers
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LTPAC Providers

Key Benefits

  • Form deep communication channels with hospitals
  • Create opportunities to differentiate your business and attract better referrals
  • Relay your performance back to partner hospitals
  • Engage with integrated support services to reduce readmission risk
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Key Benefits

  • Quickly review providers that fit your budget and needs
  • Engage family and friends in the process
  • Have private care assessments scheduled on-demand
  • Have greater peace of mind when choosing the next level of care
  • Provide feedback about your experience to all providers
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Patient Choice

Patient-centered care begins with letting the patient make an informed decision about their next care provider. AIDA makes it possible for patients to get the most accurate payer information through multi-directional synchronization with payer data. AIDA helps families stay in the loop while reducing stress on case managers and increasing efficiency.

Secure Channels

One of the biggest challenges in healthcare today is sharing information quickly and securely to the right people and providers. AIDA makes it possible to do this with confidence and at scale by offering secure channels to all the important parties involved in a care transition. We ensure accessibility by offering this service to post-acute care providers, patients, and families at no charge.

Automated Search

Finding the right placement option requires the ability to filter search results by criteria like financial status, clinical care needs, psychosoical status, and geographic preference. AIDA makes it possible to do just that. Our patent pending algorithm takes all the criteria that matters to you and your patient and matches them with the best placement options available. Our approach reduces avoidable days.

Difficult Cases

One of the areas where AIDA specializes is the placement of difficult patients. A difficult patient often has challenges like, obesity, only Medicaid coverage, substance abuse, or a history of aggressive behaviors. AIDA’s unique platform addresses these issues by increasing the number accessible options and allowing you to target them based on key criteria. This approach helps to reduce length of stay and readmission risk.


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